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The online pdf of Boog City 98 is now available. You can read it at:

enjoy, from your friends at Boog City,

David Kirschenbaum, editor

Jeffrey Cyphers Wright, art

Joel Schlemowitz, film

Jesse Statman, music

Buck Downs, poetry

Bruce Covey, small press


Boog City 98:

Some Pause to the Calendar of Forgetting:
Reflections on the Armenian Genocide’s Centennial

Judy Rifka

Depraved Delectations of Animation

Serena Jost’s English Tour Diary

Thomas Patrick Maguire Has It In The Bag

Donald Illich, Peter Longofono, Steve Orth

Joanna Fuhrman Emerges from the Cocoon

Niina Pollari Beats a Dead Horse

Ross White’s Trip from Old World to New World and Back Again

Generating Conversations with Les Figues

Quiet Lightning’s Electric Community

Figuring Out the How and Why of Timeless Infinite Light

The Textural Realities of alice blue books

The Role of Relationships in Dirty Swan Projects

How Switchback Books Combats Poetry’s Gender Gap

Yara at 25: The Experimental Theater Group Marches On


Want to write a review, be reviewed, or be featured

in Boog’s art, film, music, printed matter, or small press

sections? Email

art editor Jeffrey Cyphers Wright

film editor Joel Schlemowitz

music editor Jesse Statman

incoming printed matter Mark Gurarie

small press editor Bruce Covey

Poetry Submission Guidelines:

Email subs to Buck Downs, poetry editor, to,

with no more than five poems, all in one attached file with

“My Name Submission” in the subject line and as the name of the

ie: Walt Whitman Submission.

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“To have great poets, there must be great audiences.” —Walt Whitman


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