Barzakh Call for Submissions

Barzakh Spring 2015 Issue: “Rage”

Deadline: April 15, 2015

                   NOTE TO ALL WRITERS, ARTISTS, SCHOLARS, MALCONTENTS! We want your RAGE. For its Spring 2015 Issue, Barzakh will soak, self-immolate, and spiral in conceptions of rage. We want your raving, rabid, wanton, wrathful submissions—the flares of the sympathetic nervous system, sparks of coeval thought and mad impulse, the abject, the whir of ressentiment, the rage-quits, the beast-modes, the licentious, the modern. We want poetry, fiction, visual art, music, and scholarship that burns its way through the question of rage and the leopard-print of its history. From the Latin rabere (to rave) through the pathogenic rabies, to appetite, fashion, violence driven inward and exploded out, we want the work you have done on this robust and affective topic. We’re interested in everything from creative works that engage the radicality of the rage-moment that consider and question the subject/object narrative of rage and its traversal of poetics, to critical works that consider rage, its bodily immediacy, its rupture of the normative, the articulated, and the ordinary. Give us your flintwords, your rageworks, your throes—breathe fire all over us. Consider this your call to arms.

The submission deadline for this issue is April 15th, 2015. Please submit your work to

Barzakh  is a biannual multi-genre journal with an transnational stance, emerging out of the English Department at the University of Albany, SUNY. Our focus is on innovative poetics, narratives and translation. Past contributors include Lydia Davis, Ted Berrigan and Alice Notley, Jayne Cortez, Jonathan Skinner, Edwin Torres, Maria Damon and Marcella Durand.


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  1. The editors of Barzakh Magazine are proud to present our new RAGE issue, featuring new work by Lydia Davis and other talented writers! Our writers approach the question of RAGE in its varied iterations and demonstrate that creative inquiries into the topic can be as diverse as the contentious history of the word.

    We’d like to thank all UAlbany’s faculty, our staff, and our contributors for helping us to put together the issue. You can find it at under the “Current Issue” heading!

    The Editors at Barzakh Magazine

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