rob mclennan’s Jacket2 commentaries:

the first twenty of my ‘commentaries,’ under the header ‘Notes on Canadian poetry’
(averaging twice a week throughout January, February and March)
are now online at Jacket2 magazine:

- A short interview with Sandra Ridley

- Emily Carr: three new poems

- A short interview with Mark Goldstein

- Shannon Maguire: three new poems

- Marcus McCann: two new poems

- lary timewell: two new poems

- Sex at Forty-five

- Suzanne Zelazo: two new poems

- Amanda Earl: Excerpts from Saint Ursula’s Commonplace Book

- A short interview with Armand Garnet Ruffo

- David McGimpsey: Three new poems

- The Canadian prose poem : Notes toward an essay I haven’t quite written

- Annharte’s AKA Inendagosekwe

- A short interview with Nikki Reimer

- jwcurry’s archive

- Roland Prevost: two new poems

- Pearl Pirie: two new poems

- Chris Turnbull’s endless directions

- Gil McElroy’s cartography

- Selecting Phil Hall

find them (and whatever else I have forthcoming) here:



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