Another Scientistic Poem

in a saucer filled with a concentrated

solution of nitrate of potassa,

i placed horizontally a flat polished

piece of white marble, & upon the middle


of the marble a common half-dollar,

with its reverse in contact with the marble,

& having a stout glass rod supported,

perpendicular on the coin to keep it in in its place.

between the rod & the coin was affixed

a platinum wire, which was connected with the

positive negative pole of a sulphate of copper battery

of 8 pairs of plates; while round the marble,

but not touching it, was a coil of similar wire, connected

with the negative positive pole.

the nitric acid was soon separated from

the potassa, & attacked the marble

in contact with the half dollar, & at the expiration

of 3 days the coin was


the experiment was then stopped,

& the marble being taken out & inverted,

the half-dollar fell out of its stony receptacle,

leaving a very perfect impression on the marble,

the polished surface of which

brought me to appreciate the novelty

& beauty

of my quantum discovery


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