The EPC/E-Poetry: Year’s End Gifts

Dear All,
Please keep the Electronic Poetry Center ( and E-Poetry in mind as you plan your Year’s End gifts ( If you are on a salary (esp. if the EPC has help in any way along your path), a donation can actually be quite favorable when you do your taxes. (Please check with your tax adviser; I don’t suggest I have any expertise. Contact us re: any special sponsorships.) But the fact is we just celebrated our 20th anniversary (all sound files are now available — it was a delight!! kindness all around!! — and, aside from decisive support from the Bernstein-Gray Chair, Bob Creeley’s abundant embrace, Federman, Howe, and numerous others, we have never had a direct budget line from UB. Thus, what you see at the epc is the result of our kind volunteers and uncountable hours of direct service to this idea, I think it no exaggeration to say thousands of donated hours. The EPC has resisted the “new money” paradigms, the ads, the corporate veneer — for a thoughtful path to get the writing out. That’s been our goal. Much to do, much more to go. I personally continue based on the fact that I feel this art communities exist by artists giving back to their own, like building the infrastructure. (Not “Friends” but those around whom you have found your place in this word-wide web of centuries: here’s to work that exists outside of the pecuniary and the proprietary!) Our resources: Authors, Library, E-Poetry, E-Poetry Festivals, work at Buffalo –and — by extension our contributions, early influence on Poetics, 50 Years of Poetics Readings (, PennSound, We move forward with great enthusiasm. All our hours of labor are a gift to you. Do help us, if you are able. You can’t imagine how it would help!

Gratitude, words, images, code –
Season’s best to you!
Electronic Poetry Center

Dr. Loss Pequeño Glazier
Director, Electronic Poetry Center
Director, E-Poetry Festivals
Artistic Director, Digital Poetry & Dance
Director, E-Poetry @ the Bowery NYC
Professor, Dept. of Media Study
245 Center for the Arts
University at Buffalo
Buffalo, New York 14260


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