The Endarkenment of Social-Life (((by Maxwell Clark)))

**The Endarkenment of Social-Life: As Enlightenment Beyond State-Normalcy**
by Maxwell Clark

The normalization of capitalistic modes of production have heretofore
forever been essential to the poesy of state-power over society. “Prior” to
when the now cancerously global metastasis of industrial technology
calculatively rationalized the everyday behaviors of society — and
precisely unto their representation as the affective (even also
unconscious) norms of state governance—prior to this, this ideational
mechanization placing society under an (inconsistent) complexus of
governmental norms, this arrogation of the voice’s ethical wisdom by
hand-eye planes of coordination, there is no otherwise more original world
“prior” to this except this world itself expressed more and more
(((and…))) elementally primal. The pure future of this pre-original
normalcy, further, is utterly unforeseeable, or perhaps even “without
future” — as it were, in as the future itself presents an absolute
alterity to and apart the future. Insofar as *postindustrial *modes of
technical behavior are already present in society, however, another
renovation of state normalcy is perhaps rather discretely culminating even


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