POETS OF THE ITALIAN DIASPORA: Wednesday, September 17, 6PM

The Italian Cultural Institute is pleased to invite you to:

Round Table and Readings
Wednesday, September 17 6PM
Italian Cultural Institute
686 Park Avenue New York

Poets of the Italian Diaspora is part of a long-range project, by the editors and contributors, to expand the boundaries of the Italian literary canon. In the century between 1870 and 1970, about twenty-seven million migrants left Italy to work and live abroad. As a result, the worldwide Italian diaspora reportedly numbers more than sixty million people. Until now, however, there has not been an anthology devoted to the literature of the Italian diaspora that places it in a global context. This landmark volume presents a truly international selection of works by more than seventy Italian-language poets who are writing in countries from Australia to Venezuela. Their poetry is collected here into eleven geographical regions. The history and current state of Italian-language poetry in each region receives a critical overview by a knowledgeable scholar, who also introduces each poet and provides a bibliography of his or her work. All poems appear on facing pages in both Italian and English.

Luigi Bonaffini, Peter Carravetta, Joseph Perricone, Ammiel Alcalay

Readers: Alfredo De Palchi, Paul D’Agostino, Gil Fagiani, Gaetano Cipolla, Elizabeth Pallitto, Paolo Valesio, Graziella Sidoli, Nino Provenzano.

“Poets of the Italian Diaspora: A Bilingual Anthology” is both an historical and ground-breaking book. It is at the forefront in the recognition of Italophone literature, somethi ng that Italy should have unearthed decades ago. With this anthology, Bonaffini and Perricone offer the reader, for the first time, a broad panorama of modern and contemporary Italian lyrical writing outside the geo-cultural boundaries of Italy.”-Anthony Julian Tamburri, Dean, John D. Calandra Italian American Institute.

Poets of the Italian Diaspora Fordham University Press 2014
Edited by Luigi Bonaffini and Joseph Perricone


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