Illustrated Life & Death of Peter Stubbe

KFS is proud to announce its latest book from Jesse Glass, ‘Sellections from The Life & Death of Peter Stubbe’. This is a bit about it:

Based on a widely celebrated case of senteenth century lycanthropy and embodying the Sadean idea of literature as a crime unlimited by time, space, and circumstance, The Life and Death of Peter Stubbe was composed from 1980 to 1985 and published in a fine-press, limited edition by Birch Brook Press in 1995. The original book was praised by Ja…ckson MacLow for the Mesostic “bodies” of the chastened, judged, and executed Stubbe at the end of the narrative, and by poet, critic, and memoirist Robert Peters, who found that it exemplified Jesse Glass’ “… amazing original energy and power; he always writes ‘up’ to his reader, i.e., he assumes that we will ferret out such references as Lupus, an “alectormantic dance,” Baphomet, Charenton, etc. He is never a poet who reins in his imagination to satisfy mass taste. He has in abundance what those poets from the past he’s modeled himself after – Blake, Dante, Goethe, Shelley, and Whitman – all had, a faith in his unique visionary road. Glass’ world is like no other you’ll ever experience in today’s poetry.” In 2012, Glass returned to the manuscript, excerpted from it, and illuminated the redacted text using gouache, pencil, pen and ink, and the result, which you now hold in your hand, is a further added dimension to the original exploration of metaphysical violence, social chaos, night, and the autonomous nature of language.

You can check out some samples here:


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