Apocalypse Now

sometimes when the child is ugly enough
it becomes necessary to kill the mother
it smells like Djezer’s foreskin in the morning
draped over the lady herm rifles
marching off to surf
the sands
surrounding al Baraka

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives
the perimeter of ISIS drawn lovingly in neutron
veiled penitence
for the intertextuality bomb
of early late 5th century whatever

the literary clitoris shorn
torn from the lungs
the sandy cilia
the hypersonic koran

and the breating
of innumerable frogs
Aeschylus, we beseech thee
we the priests scrying your mind
the pit of snakes in the internet
Prometheus Bound

and the political cartoon
its fey coccoon
and the pot of rainbows
at the footprint
of the golden laser

Prometheus Bound
to a printing press
Gutenberg Koran,
is Marx your fanboy
on 4Chan?

Emma Watson
nude under her burqa
with Justin Bieber

their plastic genitals
knocking together like castanets
call the faithful to prayer
Barbie Muezzin
laid out under the sun
to tan

Aeschylus Barbie
with your bearded frog clitoris
reciting the 7th sura
Do not go gentle into that good Scotland
Do not pass Go
Do not collect Saudi funding

Djezer of Nasalthrone
on your pyramid of video donkeys
will smite thee
holding your clitoris beard

the evening redness of the West
or East
The Doors playing
The End

and just now
when history is brightest
most ugly
kind and wonderful

When Egypt
numb in its loins
forgets the Arab Spring

Arab Slave Traders
meet with Aeschylus
at the altar of the printing press

to discuss
the nappy headed miracle
You have been trapped
in the inescapable
net of ruin by your own
want of sense.


We’ve got all this cheap Napalm
and nothing to do but screw in it.

Emma Watson nude.
Justin Bieber nude.
Deliver us from evil
with FedEx Express…


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