Manifesting the Female Epic: this is our call for work

Hi Everyone, Sarah Anne Cox and I are editing a new anthology for my new press, Lark. Here is some of the info and you can find more via the link. Please share in an expansive manner. And happy summer. Elizabeth Treadwell

Manifesting the Female Epic is an anthology of poetry, essay, enactment, discussion, incantation, adaptation, edited [ … ]

The new issue of Otoliths is out

Otoliths issue thirty-four is now live. Insert your own superlatives. In addition to September Poems, a long sequence from Ken Bolton, there’s the usual ….. variety of work in a ….. variety of styles from a ….. variety of people—Anne Gorrick, Paul Pfleuger, Jr., Jessie Janeshek, Christopher Mulrooney, Richard Kostelanetz, Philip Byron Oakes, Steve [ … ]

Touch the Donkey supplement #5: seven questions for Pearl Pirie

NEWLY POSTED! TtD supplement #5: seven questions for Pearl Pirie

with interviews over the weeks following with a variety of contributors
to the second issue, including David Peter Clark, Julie Carr, Susan Holbrook,
Susanne Dyckman and Catherine Wagner.

copies of the first two issues are still available, as are subscriptions.

also on the Touch the Donkey [ … ]

the tenth issue of seventeen seconds: a journal of poetry and poetics is now online!

the tenth issue of seventeen seconds: a journal of poetry and poetics is now online!

Michael Boughn
How long is long enough?

Margaret Christakos
Thresholds of Address, Embouchure and Blowjaw: Some Comments on My Recent Poetics

Victor Coleman
(from Art Is My Middle Name: An Emotional Memoir)
The Berkeley Poetry Conference

Marilyn Irwin
The Essence of Ambiguity in Poetry

Donato [ … ]

Tuesday poem #69 : Catherine Wagner,

Tuesday poem #69 : Catherine Wagner : Two homooptical translations of love poems
in the Greek Anthology

coming up: Stan Rogal, Sarah de Leeuw + Tsering Wangmo Dhompa

also: please consider supporting the Chaudiere Books 2014 Indiegogo Campaign (our rebuilding year,

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BONK! 71 @ Eco-Justice Center

BONK! 71
6PM (doors open 5:00!)

This month, BONK! is making the trek out to the Eco-Justice center once again!
There will be poetry and music and fluffy animals!


Poet/Music: AM Ringwalt
Poet: Joe Hall
Music: Naomi Marie

AM RINGWALT is a writer and musician (Anne [ … ]

Ghosts By The Ice Skating Rink ’14

This edition of “Ghosts By The Ice Skating Rink” is re-formatted and features a revised preface. Cover image by Abby Heller-Burnham:

Adam Fieled

Aug. 1-5: Welcome to Boog City 8 Program Online

Aug. 1-5: Welcome to Boog City 8 Program Online


Next Fri., Aug. 1 through Tues. Aug. 5, we’ll be celebrating Boog’s

23rd anniversary by putting on the eighth annual Welcome to Boog City

poetry, music, and theater festival. It will feature 66 poets, 16

musical acts, 9 poets theater plays, 2 poets in conversation with one

another, 1 political talk, [ … ]

Carlo Parcelli IS Simon Kananaios at The Boog and Bowery Poetry Club

Carlo Parcelli channeling the spirit of the apostle Simon Kananaios aka Simon the Zealot will be performing selected monologues from his Canaanite Gospel: A Meditation on Empire at the Boog Festival August 3rd at the Sidewalk Café as well as a full one and one half hour performance at the Bowery Poetry Club on August [ … ]

100 Thousand Poets for Change Sign Up!!!! Year 4! Please reply ASAP

Dear 100 Thousand Poets for Change Organizers,

It’s time to begin signing up 100 Thousand Poets and Artists for Change events for September 27, 2014!!!

If you are going to organize an event in your city please reply to this email and add the following statement to the Subject Line:


¡SÍ, YO [ … ]

Complete Adam Fieled/Philly Free School Link Catalogue

This pdf offers a comprehensive selection of links to Philly Free School/Adam Fieled texts and images, as preserved by the site. Cover image by David:

Adam Fieled

On Writing #35 : Charmaine Cadeau

On Writing #35 : Charmaine Cadeau : Stupid funny.

coming up: Gil McElroy, M.A.C. Farrant + Rupert Loydell,

also: the Chaudiere Books 2014 (our rebuilding year) Indiegogo Campaign!

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Drunken Boat Book Contest Deadline is July 25th – judged by Forrest Gander – submit online!

Deadline extended to July 25 for DB poetry book contest!


You still have time to submit your first book manuscript to Drunken Boat! Our deadline has been extended to July 25. For more details about the book contest, please see below.

Poetry Book Contest

$25.00 USD, $28.00 USD

Drunken Boat Book Contest: Poetry (Hybrid & Translation Welcome)

Judge: [ … ]

Poet as Radio: Eleni Stecopoulos on July 27

Join us on Sunday, 7/27, for our conversation with Eleni Stecopoulos who’ll read from and discuss her collection, Armies of Compassion (Palm Press). Tune in at 11:30am-12:30pm at | SF Community Radio.
Eleni Stecopoulos is the author of Armies of Compassion (Palm Press, 2010 and Daphnephoria (Compline, 2012). This autumn, ON Contemporary Practice will publish Visceral Poetics, a hybrid [ … ]

Saturday, July 19th, Nerve Lantern poets’ theatre show (update)

Nerve Lantern: Axon of Performance Literature presents

An Afternoon of Sparking Poetry

Featuring work by Nerve Lantern contributors:
Joel Allegretti, Allan Andre, Michelle DuPré, Kim Essex, Aimee Herman, Kris Lew, Magus Magnus, & John J. Trause

Performed by the contributors plus:
Maggie Dubris & Trae Durica

3pm Saturday, July 19, 2014

Co-organized by Kris Lew & Ellen Redbird

Hosted by:
Medicine [ … ]

Tom Weatherly, 1942 – 2014

I mourn the passing of Tom Weatherly (*aka* Thomas Elias Weatherly, Elias
Weatherly, Weatherly), a friend for nearly a half century, who came into
this world in Scottsboro, Alabama in 1942 — who was a brilliant, eclectic
poet, the craft and reach of his poetry astonishing.

He was a member of the inaugural poetry workshop at [ … ]

From the Aughts: New Hierarchies

This piece begins the work of historically contextualizing and placing the best work of the Philly Free School; also attempting a cultural critique of the Teens, and the Teens generalized response to PFS:

Adam Fieled

new from above/ground press: Source, by Susanne Dyckman

Susanne Dyckman


arranging, one can suppose,

a plate, bowl, water in a jar

simplicity, for others to enjoy

more action than story

daily service given

to first syllables

ma and pa,

though expelled

from the mouth

made kin

published in Ottawa by above/ground press
July 2014
a/g subscribers receive a complimentary copy

Cover image excerpted from a photograph by gadl (Alexandre Duret-Lutz), Creative Commons Public [ … ]

Touch the Donkey : second issue,

The second issue is now available, with new poems by Julie Carr,
Catherine Wagner, Susanne Dyckman, Pearl Pirie, David Peter Clark,
Susan Holbrook, Phil Hall and Robert Swereda.

Six dollars (includes shipping). Welcome to the Knowledgeum.

Copies of the first issue, with new poems by Camille Martin, Eric Baus,
Hailey Higdon, [ … ]