Remix the Poem at Chicago School of Poetics

This course is designed to help turn off our internal editors and to open our writing to the strange/interesting juxtapositions of imagery and language that emerge from the use of experimental processes. Rather than looking closely at formal poetic conventions, we will explore writing that transgresses those boundaries and defies classifications. Building from the concepts and practices of music remixes/mash-ups, we will employ writing strategies like Surrealist language games, chance operations, Oulipan writing constraints, erasure, homophonic translation, and radical revision to remix source language and transform it into original, poetic compositions of own.

Classes start July 13th and we have 6-week online courses designed to give you the opportunity to work with our faculty in a shortened format that costs less and requires less of a time commitment. Check out courses like Poetry and Feminist Theory, Remix the Poem, and returning courses like Erasure Poetry, Pulse Poem Pulse, and Poetics Levels 1, 2, and 3.

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