just like truth

one morning the tan foe
awoke by the wrong bay
the whole sea is a square box
in a dumb tongue said he
she said it was

this guy’s litany
is some dumb thing
sing sighing
like a kinky N
said he she said

this hovering boat
covered with weeds
brought me hear
sing sighing boom
child buying
blue raisins for its face

tan foe
cover your face
in blue raisins
down by wrong bay
i’m healing here
in winter
with strong drink

sing sigh low
dope lappin diamond thing
she said noun is thick
and N kinky now
he said
this dumb bowl
like a moon
holds a yellow foot
like a cat

dumb shoe
she said
sing sighing
he said

tears like words
run down black
from my nipple
cyclops drum shoe

i’m hunting cadmium
all along wrong bay
they’re shipping baits from here
you can see the whole sea
in a square box sing sighing

out in the sun
I get tan
sun young
makes water in my thing
deny it
sing sighing

no tan foe
ever reaches
wrong heaven

look for me
in your bait box
he said
we are young things
like cats
living in doorways
that is true
she said

o the sigh
of your doomed blue eyeball
is heaven
in a square box
too dumb to sing
here in wrong bay
tanning young
and lappin dope
and moon cozy wing lovin swine

rain falls
ding dong
no healing

night is entering
our show now

night dumb lappin

kinky capn
your old wrecked ship
is big like a foot
in wrong bay

a girl voice is a habit
it’s mind
bang bang
two things rattling
like a cat

don’t back up
into the water

eggshell piano


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