New Course: Poetry and Feminist Theory at Chicago School of Poetics

Poetry and Feminist Theory:

This class will consider the ways that poets can use form and technique to comment on existing debates in feminist theory. We will focus particular attention on theorists who have revolutionized the style of academic writing, particularly Luce Irigiray, Julia Kristeva, and Helene Cixous. Questions we will address in class include: Where does the boundary between critical and creative writing exist, if at all? Who gets to decide what is “critical” and what is “creative” writing? How can one use the resources of poetry to question these manifestations of power and authority within the academy? We will interrogate (and subvert) the larger social structures that inform our writing practices. With that in mind, the theoretical texts for each class will be paired with weekly writing prompts and texts by contemporary poets (Sarah Vap, Joanna Ruocco, Kristy Bowen, Simone Muench, Khadijah Queen, Jenny Boully, and others).

Classes start July 13th and we have 6-week online courses designed to give you the opportunity to work with our faculty in a shortened format that costs less and requires less of a time commitment. Check out courses like Poetry and Feminist Theory, Remix the Poem, and returning courses like Erasure Poetry, Pulse Poem Pulse, and Poetics Levels 1, 2, and 3.

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