MLA Creative Writing Forum petition needs signatures by June 15th

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Just a heads up for those of you who aren’t signed up for these updates — MLA is considering adding a forum on Creative Writing, which would mean a guaranteed session and representation on the Delegate Assembly.

Before that can happen, though, they need 35 signatures and 4 leadership volunteers on the petition [ … ]

Adam Fieled: Mipo Interview: 2009

This is an interview I did with Didi Menendez for Mipoesias in November 2009, as I was writing Apparition Poems. It covers my early influences, early books, and some of the geographical dynamics which affected my work in the Aughts:

Adam Fieled [ … ]

Poet as Radio: Melissa Eleftherion on June1

This Sunday, June 1, Melissa Eleftherion joins us live in the studio and will read from/discuss her chapbooks huminsect (dancing girl press) and prism maps (dusie kollektiv). Tune in at 11:30am-12:30pm PT at – SF Community Radio.
Melissa Eleftherion grew up in Brooklyn. She is the author of huminsect (dancing girl press), prism maps [ … ]

New Course: Poetry and Feminist Theory at Chicago School of Poetics

Poetry and Feminist Theory:

This class will consider the ways that poets can use form and technique to comment on existing debates in feminist theory. We will focus particular attention on theorists who have revolutionized the style of academic writing, particularly Luce Irigiray, Julia Kristeva, and Helene Cixous. Questions we will address in class [ … ]


House and lot for sale 150 sqm.

3 bedroom

2 T&B

1 garage

1 dirty kitchen

spacious laundry area

100% flood free

near waltermart, St. Scholasticas Academy, 24hr convenience store,

walking distance to public school, church, tricycle terminal



6 pages: one real estate ad, one email message


My Friend, Someone close to you wants you to spend at least

the next five years of [ … ]

News Release: Third Thursday Poetry Night, June 19: Matthew Klane

The Poetry Motel Foundation

c/o Dan Wilcox
280 South Main Ave.
Albany, NY 12208
(518) 482-0262

> Press Release — for immediate release <

Poet Matthew Klane will read
at the Social Justice Center
Thursday, June 19, 7:30PM

Local poet & publisher Matthew Klane will read from his work at the Social Justice Center, 33 Central Ave., Albany on [ … ]

Staring Out in Space: Best of the Poetry E-Books Pt. 2

The second installment of “Staring Out in Space” features the 2010 Mipoesias chapbook “Returns,” an extended version of the e-chap “Trish,” and “Quiddities,” a 2013 collection of philosophical poems drawn from the Blazevox book Apparition Poems. Cover image is “Sleeping Nude” by Pablo Picasso:

Adam Fieled

Taka Tales

Sound Design 2007: Taka Tales from Narikel Jingira Island, Bangladesh
(Art Exhibition with Installed Audio, Tea and free Taka Tunes CDs)
available from Brad Brace <>

complete recordings sometimes playing now:

mp3 podcast materials:

Scene: extensive, evocative audio field-recordings from a concrete
Bangladeshi guesthouse looking back on a thatched bamboo [ … ]

The Madison Experimental Arts Exposition JUNE 6,7,8th

The Madison Experimental Arts Exposition JUNE 6,7,8th
Public · Hosted by The Madison Experimental Arts Exposition

The Madison Experimental Arts Exposition
A group art show including painting, poetry, music, and performance. June 6, 7, 8th @ The…
View on Preview by Yahoo

* Friday, June 6-Sun, June 8
* Show Map
Commonwealth Gallery
100 South Baldwin [ … ]

A Dozen Leaking Buckets: A Chapbook

The Apparition Poems in this chapbook were drawn from a larger manuscript of Apparition Poems completed in late 2013. Cover painting is “The Departure of Hector” by Jacques-Louis David:

Adam Fieled

The solar vowels in our throats

Rosmarie Waldrop chose Stricker’s *Mistake *as the winner of the Caketrain
Chapbook Competition in 2011. I write to pass along my essay on *Mistake*,
which was recently published in *Jacket2*:
Here’s hoping that the review inspires more people to read Stricker’s book.

Best wishes,

Deborah Poe

The Equations (draft)

The Equations


Palpito = to move quickly, tremble, throb. Used of persons in
Talpa = mole. When Erfurt is not given, assume Epinal. Abortion.
Misbyrdo = congenital deformity. Byrd = birth? = missed birth:
The corrupt matter of missing birth = corrupt matter of birth.
occipitium = snecca the back of the head = birth. See [ … ]

HVWG Writers Conference, June 8

Hudson Valley Writers Guild Sponsors

Free Writers Conference, Sunday June 8, 2:00PM

East Greenbush Community Library
The Hudson Valley Writers Guild will sponsor a free conference for writers and poets on Sunday, June 8, at 2:00 p.m. at the East Greenbush Community Library, 10 Community Way, East Greenbush, NY.

The guest speaker will be Frankie Y. Bailey, faculty [ … ]

Poet as Radio – A Celebratory Reading: Colleen Lookingbill on May 25

This Sunday, May 25,
please join Poet as Radio for a special memorial show honoring the poetry and
art/vispo of Colleen Lookingbill.
Featured guest readers include Tiff
Dressen, Susanne Dyckman, Todd Melicker, Joseph Noble, Steven
Seidenberg, and Candy Shue.

Colleen Lookingbillhas written two books of poetry, Incognita(SINK
Press) and a forgetting of (lyric&
press). She has [ … ]