Call for Poets: OULIPOST

The Found Poetry Review invites poets to participate in its 2014 National Poetry Month project, OULIPOST. The project enlists writers to apply a set of 30 Oulipian prompts to text sourced from their daily newspapers during the month of April.

Guidelines for Participating Poets 

  • Participating poets must commit to writing and posting 30 poems — one for each day in April — in response to a daily prompt. Prompts will be provided in advance, but project parameters preclude poets from being able to work in advance [see next bullet].
  • Poets must apply the day’s Oulipo prompt to text found in the same day‘s newspaper. Local newspapers are preferred.
  • All poems will be posted on the poet’s own website or blog — free sites can be set up via or
  • During the month of April, prompts will be posted on a daily basis on the Found Poetry Review blog. Participants are required to share links to their completed poems in the comments section of each post. Participants can also use the hashtag #oulipost to promote their works on Twitter.
  • A private Facebook group will be created for Ouliposters to interact, ask questions, share thoughts and receive feedback. While not strictly required, participation is strongly recommended.
  • Participating poets will be listed on the Found Poetry Review website. They may also choose to display official OULIPOST badges (provided by FPR) on their site to  formally affiliate themselves with the project.

More Information

More details and the link to apply are available at The deadline to sign up is March 7, 2014.


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