mixing legibles

for over a year on my blog, Jellybean Weirdo w/ Electric Snake Fang

I have been working loosely with an ‘unconstrained’ constraint, namely writing to film stills.

This includes working with paratactical and paratextual elements, and it includes as well, a poetics of mediality,

or blogpoiesis as an example of  ’in mediality res’ as exemplified by Paul DeNicola’s concept of Pure Mediality:



Examples of these ideas are scattered quite densely through the 2013 index if there is any interest in discussion.




Lanny Quarles


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  1. Thanks Lanny. Took a quick look at DeNicola’s dissertation abstract and it sounds really interesting (have added it to my reading list). Also, I’m adding the “Resources” category to this post, as I think it will be useful to others there.

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