The Endarkenment of Social-Life (((by Maxwell Clark)))

**The Endarkenment of Social-Life: As Enlightenment Beyond State-Normalcy**
by Maxwell Clark

The normalization of capitalistic modes of production have heretofore
forever been essential to the poesy of state-power over society. “Prior” to
when the now cancerously global metastasis of industrial technology
calculatively rationalized the everyday behaviors of society — and
precisely unto their representation as [ … ]

Sawtooth Poetry Prize

The Sawtooth Poetry Prize is being judged in 2015 by ED ROBERSON. Submit a
manuscript of poetry, 50-100 pages, according to the guidelines at The submission manager opens January 1, 2015, and
stays open through March 1.

​Prize is $1,500 plus publication and 25 copies of the book.


Janet Holmes
Professor of English
Director, Ahsahta [ … ]

new PoemTalk out now – Howe, Morris & Kuhl on W. Stevens

Today we are releasing episode 83 of the podcast series “PoemTalk”—a discussion of a late meta-poem by Wallace Stevens, “The Poem That Took the Place of a Mountain,” with Susan Howe, Dee Morris & Nancy Kuhl.

PoemTalk is cosponsored by PennSound, the Kelly Writers House and the Poetry Foundation. [ … ]

the launch of ottawater #11 : Ottawa’s annual poetry pdf journal,

ottawater: Ottawa’s annual poetry pdf journal

Ottawa’s annual pdf poetry journal
edited by rob mclennan

The eleventh issue of ottawater will soon be online, featuring new writing by Steven Artelle, Jennifer Baker, Selina Boan, Frances Boyle, Jamie Bradley, Ronnie R. Brown, Catherine Brunet, Jason Christie, Faizal Deen, dalton derkson, Amanda Earl, Phil Hall, Chris Johnson, [ … ]

Third Thurs. Poetry Night, January 15: Poetyc Visiionz

The Poetry Motel Foundation

c/o Dan Wilcox
280 South Main Ave.
Albany, NY 12208
(518) 482-0262

> Press Release — for immediate release <

Poetyc Visionz will read
at the Social Justice Center
Thursday, January 15, 7:30PM

Poet known as Poetyc Visionz will read from his work at the Social Justice Center, 33 Central Ave., Albany on Thursday, January [ … ]

fourW twenty-five print anthology

The fourW twenty-five print anthology, out of the Booranga Writers Centre at Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga, Australia, ed. Sandra Treble, is now out, featuring my poem “Manayunk Sky” from The Posit Trilogy, other work by Mark Young, Derek Motion, Jill Jones, Ivy Alvarez, and others. To obtain a copy, e-mail

Adam Fieled [ … ]

Meta Notes: As/Is group poetry blog

From As/Is group poetry blog, by American poet Adam Fieled, these Meta-Notes involve discussions of Apparition Poems, Cheltenham, the Philly Free School, Philadelphia, Philly architecture, and more.

Adam Fieled

new from above/ground press: Massey, beaulieu + McElroy

Strange Fits of Beauty & Light
Karen Massey
See link here for more information

transcend transcribe transfigure transform transgress
an essay by derek beaulieu
See link here for more information

The Doxologies
Gil McElroy
See link here for more information

keep an eye on the above/ground press blog for author interviews, new writing, reviews, upcoming [ … ]

The EPC/E-Poetry: Year’s End Gifts

Dear All,
Please keep the Electronic Poetry Center ( and E-Poetry in mind as you plan your Year’s End gifts ( If you are on a salary (esp. if the EPC has help in any way along your path), a donation can actually be quite favorable when you do your taxes. (Please check with your [ … ]

The Portable Boog Reader 8, NYC & Oakland, Now Online

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The Portable Boog Reader 8
Part I, N.Y.C. and Oakland


N.Y.C. co-editors Claire Donato, Jeff T. Johnson, David A. Kirschenbaum,
Daniel Owen, Jasmine Dreame Wagner, and Nicole Wallace

Oakland co-editors Taylor Brady and Ivy Johnson



Martin Beeler • Mark Gurarie • Jeremy Hoevenaar • Lyric Hunter • Becca

Opens Letters 2s Uniques Persons (((poesy)))


> *Opens Letters 2s Uniques Persons*






> 0.0








> —Poesy is poesy as poesy outside of poesy is the poet.


> —Truth is the truth of lies as lies of truth within lies, or ambiguity.


> —Sensation is to sense the sensed as a sensor otherwise than the sensed.


> —Creation is the “one-way” oneness given to [ … ]

On Writing #47 : Missy Marston,

On Writing #47 : Missy Marston : Children vs Writing: CAGE MATCH!

coming up: Robert Swereda, Monica Kidd + Rob Budde,

also: above/ground press 2015 subscriptions! with new/forthcoming poetry chapbooks
by Karen Massey, derek beaulieu, Gil McElroy, Elizabeth Robinson + ryan fitzpatrick, etc;

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new from above/ground press: transcend transcribe transfigure transform transgress, by derek beaulieu

transcend transcribe transfigure transform transgress
an essay by derek beaulieu

if poetry is going to reclaim even a shred of relevancy for a contemporary audience then poets must become competitive for your readership and viewership as graphic design advertising and contemporary design culture expand to redefine and rewrite how we understand communication poetry has become [ … ]

"Arrangements of Language: An Interview with Burt Kimmelman" by Eric Hoffman, now in Rain Taxi

I’m very grateful to Eric Hoffman, brilliant interlocutor, for making this
conversation happen, and to Eric Lorberer, Editor of Rain Taxi, for running
it. The conversation covers post-war American avant-garde poetry, language
in and of itself, as well as modern and contemporary art. See here:

Readings from The Portable Boog Reader 8: N.Y.C., Oakland, and San Francisco

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Boog City presents

The Portable Boog Reader 8:
N.Y.C., Oakland, and San Francisco

NYC/Oakland, 12/16/14:
NYC/San Francisco, 1/13/15:

MLK Sun., Jan. 18, 1:00 p.m.

Unnameable Books
600 Vanderbilt Ave.


Martin Beeler * Jeremy Hoevenaar * Becca Klaver

[ … ]

Tinfish Press news

Tinfish Press is pleased to announce publication of Albert Saijo’s
posthumous book, WOODRAT FLAT, edited and introduced by Jerry Martien and
beautifully designed by Allison Hanabusa. The poems in this volume were
written in the late 1980s and early 1990s in northern California and
Volcano, Hawai`i. Saijo was an important, if neglected, poet. But the [ … ]

new from above/ground press: Strange Fits of Beauty & Light, by Karen Massey

Strange Fits of Beauty & Light
Karen Massey

Sting Me

The bees are
Busy murmurous birds, are
Pure mead, are
Tiny emerald flames, are
Small red hats or parasols, are
Jocund sunshine laughing, are
Shimmers in the wind;
Tough little lacquered summer wings

Source: “April Time” or “Nesting Time” or “When
the Bobolink [ … ]