Tripwire 8 release event: Sun 12/14 @ the Long Haul 4-6

Please come celebrate the release of Tripwire 8, the Cities issue, with a special feature on Oakland -

Sunday Dec 14, 4-6pm, The Long Haul, an anarchist space at 3124 Shattuck Ave in South Berkeley.

featuring Juliana Spahr, Joshua Clover, Divya Victor, Kate Robinson, emji spero, Mayakov+sky Platform, and more!
issues #7 & #8 available at reduced rates. All proceeds go to the Long Haul. Spread the word & see you there—-

Tripwire 8 * CITIES * featuring essays, poems, cross-genre texts, art, @ archival work by Anne Boyer, Cecily Nicholson, Marie Buck, DH, Amy Balkin, Kaia Sand & Daniela Molnar, Ryan Eckes, Kim Hyesoon, Zarina, Scott Sørli, Michael Woods, Lucky Pierre, Grupo de Arte Callejero (trans. MR translation collective), Jonas Staal & Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei, Emma Cocker, Nancy Popp, Gonzalo Millan (trans. Annegret Nill), Dambudzo Marechera, Lucy Parsons, and a special feature from Oakland, featuring Oki Sogumi, Jill Richards, Lara Durback, Wendy Trevino, Joshua Clover, Mayakov+sky Platform, Jasper Bernes, Emji Spero, Kate Robinson, and more…


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