Now available: SITE CITE CITY (prose works 1999-2012)

Excited to announce that my new book is now out from Futurepoem. It includes texts written over the last 15 years, derived from various compositional methods, from site-specific research and installation to performance texts, narrative prose to speculative non-fiction and urban detours. Check it out at:

and thru Small Press Distribution:

also newly available: Tripwire [ … ]


Now available!

TRIPWIRE 9 * TRANSNATIONAL / TRANSLATIONAL Don Mee Choi, Harry Gilonis & Ch’iu Chin, Mette Moestrup (trans. Mark Kline), Jessica Tang, Juan Ortiz-Apuy, Ida Borjel (trans. Linda Rugg), Jules Boykoff, Divya Victor, Sean Bonney, Charlene Tan, Jen Hofer & Virginia Lucas, Arash Allahverdi (trans. Alireza Taheri Araghi), Hugo García Manríquez, Ana Teresa Fernandez, Ali [ … ]

TRIPWIRE reading at the Poetry Project : Feb 18

Hey yall

I’m going to be hosting a release/launch/group reading for Tripwires 7 & 8 (& the due-in-March #9) at the Project on Wed Feb 18.

Readers include Rodrigo Toscano, Arnold J Kemp, Tonya Foster, Ryan Eckes, Connie Scozarro, Marie Buck, & more.

more details @

hope to see you there!

David Buuck

Announcing Tripwire 8 – now available

Tripwire 8, a special issue on Cities & Cultural Poetics, is now available.

Featuring 240 pages of work from Anne Boyer, Cecily Nicholson, Marie Buck, DH, Amy Balkin, Kaia Sand & Daniela Molnar, Ryan Eckes, Kim Hyesoon, Zarina, Scott Sørli, Michael Woods, Lucky Pierre, Grupo de Arte Callejero (trans. MR translation collective), Jonas Staal & Vincent [ … ]

Tripwire 8 release event: Sun 12/14 @ the Long Haul 4-6

Please come celebrate the release of Tripwire 8, the Cities issue, with a special feature on Oakland -

Sunday Dec 14, 4-6pm, The Long Haul, an anarchist space at 3124 Shattuck Ave in South Berkeley.

featuring Juliana Spahr, Joshua Clover, Divya Victor, Kate Robinson, emji spero, Mayakov+sky Platform, and more!
issues #7 & #8 available at reduced [ … ]

Donate to the Tripwire Translation Fund

Tripwire, a journal of poetics, is pleased to announce a new funding initiative for translation. Translation plays one of the most critical and vital roles in international literatures, but too often translators go unrecognized and unsupported, especially those focused on contemporary and experimental writing. It is frankly impossible to imagine avant-garde poetries in the English-speaking [ … ]

Tripwire 7 now available

Announcing the relaunch of Tripwire, a journal of poetics:

Issue #7, featuring: Jen Coleman, Leslie Kaplan (trans. Julie Carr & Jennifer Pap), Rodrigo Toscano, Jeroen Mettes (trans. Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei & introduced by Samuel Vriezen), Lesego Rampolokeng, Heather Fuller, Nathan Cordero, Donato Mancini, Trish Salah, Arnold Joseph Kemp, Hsia Yü (trans. Steve Bradbury), Carlos [ … ]