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to with your name and On Barcelona in the subject line.
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Poetry can be so many [ … ]

Gaius Licinius Macer Calvus


ASCII Toga ’84

remarkably learned ankles


and fled the country
its hard and laborious

the hours

in which its Sardinian rotten head became
a marriage to charters

a vague white nymph that cuts the nail


Italian before the tosses

beautiful VERONA Vergiliad

He taught the laws
of the holy and dear shapes
of the bodies of the marriage, and built [ … ]

Tuesday poem #72 : Tsering Wangmo Dhompa

Tuesday poem #72 : Tsering Wangmo Dhompa : Home

coming up: Arielle Greenberg, lary timewell + Norma Cole,

also: Touch the Donkey supplement #6: seven questions for David Peter Clark

also: Chaudiere Books: a short interview with Amanda Earl

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8 seats left for poetry workshop with CAConrad

RADICAL INSISTENCE: A (Soma)tic Poetry Workshop with CAConrad

Saturday, October 18th, 2014 / 1-4pm CST

(Soma)tic poetry rituals provide a window into the creative viability of everything around us, initiating an extreme present where we learn how even in crisis we can thrive through the poems, as well as learn to collaborate in unexpected ways [ … ]

White Rose Chore Geek Stuck (((poesy)))

*White Rose Chore Geek Stuck*

by Maxwell Clark

seethe very hissingly and crackle fattily,

o do, thou loutish medic,

‘gainst our goodsome blasts pyrotechnic,

o you, forever deplete, o mournful

your scarcity, incessant, finished

just when recommence’d,

thou chalky-pale satans,

fountainhead of this war betwixt us—the Andes
in + of this stem-work

(unadorned cylinder),

Lent to I, to inspire,

Ever further exile—me

And myself, already

afar away beyond the [ … ]

chaudiere books: a short interview with amanda earl

A short interview with Chaudiere Books author Amanda Earl on her
forthcoming first trade poetry title, Kiki (Chaudiere Books, October 1, 2014)
is now online on the Chaudiere Books blog:

and of course, you can already pick up a copy of Kiki (until September 14th),
as well as Monty Reid’s Garden, Roland Prevost’s Singular Plurals, [ … ]

above/ground press (anniversary) subscription special,

subscription special! until the end of August, above/ground press will be accepting
now-through-the-end-of-2015 above/ground press chapbook subscriptions for $50
(actually: $50 CAN/US or $75 international); a 2014 bonus to the usual calendar year
subscription; 18 months worth of chapbooks for the cost of 12! payable via paypal at, or as cheque to: rob mclennan, [ … ]

Last Call to Advertise in Boog City 92

Please forward

Last Call to Advertise in

Boog City 92

Ads as low as $45

For our full rate card, please visit:


Tues. Aug. 26-Submit ad and make PayPal payment
Tues. Sept. 2-Issue PDF uploaded and distributed electronically from
Boog to over 4,500 people.

Email or call 212-842-BOOG (2664) for more

as ever,

P.S. Donations are also [ … ]

Nine New Elegies

Nine New Elegies is drawn from Adam Fieled’s 2014 collection “Two Teens Trilogies.” Poems from this collection have appeared in Otoliths, wood s lot, and elsewhere:

Adam Fieled

new from above/ground press: Wintering Prairie, by Megan Kaminski

Wintering Prairie

Megan Kaminski

Snow drifts the prairie white

each gathering a prayer a knife a candle

water crystalline seeding warmth

ground expectant bootfall above sod below

the ground between us the ground we share

ground that sprouts green that holds roots deep

soft porous mealy with bug and vole

and this poem will be a long one

will widen will drift like snow

like [ … ]

**Poetic Economy**, by Maxwell Clark

*Poetic Economy*

by Maxwell Clark

How does an economic mode of production adumbrate itself into a text?
Unhappily, perhaps, or of late (capitalism), usually (or most obviously) by
means of the spiteful antitheses conjured against it. Capitalism is present
in the majority of more modern, or late-capitalist, texts (which I have yet
read, speaking for myself alone) [ … ]

Posit 3 is out & about!

Hey folks, Posit 3 is ready and waiting for your discerning attention! Featuring poetry by Michael Basinski, Iain Britton, Andrew Cantrell, Elaine Equi, Dennis EtzelJr, Howie Good, Nicholas Grider, Crag Hill, Krystal Languell, Camille Martin, Joe Milazzo, and Ken Taylor –plus visual art by Claudia Alvarez, Charles Dellschau, Dimitri Kozyrev, Julie Peppito, and Louisa [ … ]

‘One Hour Seeds Another’ by Andrew Burke

My twelth book of poems has just landed in the land of Oz – *One Hour Seeds
Another*, published by Walleah Press, Hobart, and available from

Andy Jackson’s launch speech is now up at


*Prefaces to Infinitism*, by Maxwell Clark

*Prefaces to Infinitism*
by Maxwell Clark

“In its first manifestation, such an idea usually displays a fanatical
hostility toward the entrenched systematization of the older principle;
usually too, it is fearful of losing itself in the ramifications of the
particular and it shuns the labour required for a scientific elaboration of
the new principle and in [ … ]

Notes and Dispatches: Essays (Insomniac Press, 2014)

My collection of literary essays, Notes and Dispatches: Essays (Insomniac Press, 2014) has landed, with much celebration!

Enormous thanks to Mike O’Connor and Dan Varrette at Insomniac for seeing the book through.

This is my second collection of literary essays, after subverting the lyric: essays (ECW Press, 2008), and collect a variety of pieces composed since 2010, [ … ]

Tuesday poem #71 : Sarah de Leeuw

Tuesday poem #71 : Sarah de Leeuw : Outside, America

coming up: Tsering Wangmo Dhompa, Arielle Greenberg + Lary Timewell,

also: the great Chaudiere Books Indiegogo Campaign continues!

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Urban Form and Ashbery’s *Pyrography* (((finalized edition))), by Maxwell Clark

Urban Form and Ashbery’s *Pyrography*
by Maxwell Clark


Excuse, of course, how I sometimes (and/or more near the beginning) misname
and/or *mis-number* a few lines as “sentences” in what follows. It really
is a matter of little concern insofar as my commentary on these lines may
still be pleasantly, if not rapturously (gloriously, etc.), [ … ]

Poet as Radio: Dodie Bellamy on August 17

Dodie Bellamy joins us live in the studio on Sunday, 8/17, to discuss her recent book, The TV Sutras. Tune in at 11:30am-12:30pm at | SF Community Radio.
Dodie Bellamy is a novelist, poet, and essayist. Her latest book is The TV Sutras (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2014). Her Ugly Duckling chapbook Barf Manifesto was named best book of 2009 under 30 [ … ]

Adam Fieled: PennSound Author Page pdf

This pdf, placed on Scribd, features the Adam Fieled PennSound Author Page with active links to mp3s; portions of Apparition Poems, When You Bit, Opera Bufa, and Chimes and Returns in their entirety:

Adam Fieled

Found Poetry Review Volume Seven Now Available

The latest issue of the Found Poetry Review features found, erasure and other experimental work by the following poets: Fred Ablondi, Karin Wraley Barbee, Susan Powers Bourne, Dean Buckley, Sam Butler, Patrice Boyer Claeys, Seth Crook, Jeremy Dixon, Chiyuma Elliott, Peter Cole Friedman, Karen George, Michael Gossett, Kristin Hannaford, Irene Jagla, Sonja Johanson, Wm. Todd [ … ]