The EPC/E-Poetry: Year’s End Gifts

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Please keep the Electronic Poetry Center ( and E-Poetry in mind as you plan your Year’s End gifts ( If you are on a salary (esp. if the EPC has help in any way along your path), a donation can actually be quite favorable when you do your taxes. (Please check with your [ … ]

Opens Letters 2s Uniques Persons (((poesy)))


> *Opens Letters 2s Uniques Persons*






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> —Poesy is poesy as poesy outside of poesy is the poet.


> —Truth is the truth of lies as lies of truth within lies, or ambiguity.


> —Sensation is to sense the sensed as a sensor otherwise than the sensed.


> —Creation is the “one-way” oneness given to [ … ]

The Portable Boog Reader 8, NYC & Oakland, Now Online

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The Portable Boog Reader 8
Part I, N.Y.C. and Oakland


N.Y.C. co-editors Claire Donato, Jeff T. Johnson, David A. Kirschenbaum,
Daniel Owen, Jasmine Dreame Wagner, and Nicole Wallace

Oakland co-editors Taylor Brady and Ivy Johnson



Martin Beeler • Mark Gurarie • Jeremy Hoevenaar • Lyric Hunter • Becca

On Writing #47 : Missy Marston,

On Writing #47 : Missy Marston : Children vs Writing: CAGE MATCH!

coming up: Robert Swereda, Monica Kidd + Rob Budde,

also: above/ground press 2015 subscriptions! with new/forthcoming poetry chapbooks
by Karen Massey, derek beaulieu, Gil McElroy, Elizabeth Robinson + ryan fitzpatrick, etc;

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new from above/ground press: transcend transcribe transfigure transform transgress, by derek beaulieu

transcend transcribe transfigure transform transgress
an essay by derek beaulieu

if poetry is going to reclaim even a shred of relevancy for a contemporary audience then poets must become competitive for your readership and viewership as graphic design advertising and contemporary design culture expand to redefine and rewrite how we understand communication poetry has become [ … ]

"Arrangements of Language: An Interview with Burt Kimmelman" by Eric Hoffman, now in Rain Taxi

I’m very grateful to Eric Hoffman, brilliant interlocutor, for making this
conversation happen, and to Eric Lorberer, Editor of Rain Taxi, for running
it. The conversation covers post-war American avant-garde poetry, language
in and of itself, as well as modern and contemporary art. See here:

Readings from The Portable Boog Reader 8: N.Y.C., Oakland, and San Francisco

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Boog City presents

The Portable Boog Reader 8:
N.Y.C., Oakland, and San Francisco

NYC/Oakland, 12/16/14:
NYC/San Francisco, 1/13/15:

MLK Sun., Jan. 18, 1:00 p.m.

Unnameable Books
600 Vanderbilt Ave.


Martin Beeler * Jeremy Hoevenaar * Becca Klaver

[ … ]

Tinfish Press news

Tinfish Press is pleased to announce publication of Albert Saijo’s
posthumous book, WOODRAT FLAT, edited and introduced by Jerry Martien and
beautifully designed by Allison Hanabusa. The poems in this volume were
written in the late 1980s and early 1990s in northern California and
Volcano, Hawai`i. Saijo was an important, if neglected, poet. But the [ … ]

new from above/ground press: Strange Fits of Beauty & Light, by Karen Massey

Strange Fits of Beauty & Light
Karen Massey

Sting Me

The bees are
Busy murmurous birds, are
Pure mead, are
Tiny emerald flames, are
Small red hats or parasols, are
Jocund sunshine laughing, are
Shimmers in the wind;
Tough little lacquered summer wings

Source: “April Time” or “Nesting Time” or “When
the Bobolink [ … ]

Call for submissions of poetry, fiction, visuals . . . for On Barcelona

On Barcelona

Please send to

Poetry can be so many more things
Than what people mostly believe it is.”

–Anselm Hollo

Halvard Johnson
Poems by Others . . .
On Barcelona (submissions sought; email
to my address above)
Truck (no submissions; new
drivers/editors monthly)
Entropy and Me
Images without Words
Hal & Lynda’s homepage

Tripwire 8 release event: Sun 12/14 @ the Long Haul 4-6

Please come celebrate the release of Tripwire 8, the Cities issue, with a special feature on Oakland -

Sunday Dec 14, 4-6pm, The Long Haul, an anarchist space at 3124 Shattuck Ave in South Berkeley.

featuring Juliana Spahr, Joshua Clover, Divya Victor, Kate Robinson, emji spero, Mayakov+sky Platform, and more!
issues #7 & #8 available at reduced [ … ]

Youblisher: Bold Format: Open Library

New on Youblisher in Bold Format from American poet Adam Fieled: Disturb the Universe, Quiddities, The Trilogy Elegies.

Also, emended on Open Library: Nine Paintings (ABH), Over the Schuylkill.

Adam Fieled

// a S O Rt Of DIS jO I NT’d A Ne C D O Te // TXT 4 CA // of Once Meeting His Eminence //

// a S O Rt Of DIS jO I NT’d A Ne C D O Te // TXT 4 CA // of Once
Meeting His Eminence //

by Maxwell Clark

EXCERPT: “CA Conrad recently visited Yale University. [...]”

// a S O Rt Of DIS jO I NT’d A Ne C D O Te // TXT [ … ]

Chaudiere Books: one day download only of an Amanda Earl chapbook,

via Poetry Superhighway’s ebook free for all today (December 1). ends at midnight.

hers is Plenitude, a collection of mash ups of classic & contemporary texts:

and of course, you can order her first trade poetry collection Kiki online at All Lit Up!


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Poet as Radio: Laura Moriarty on December 7

This Sunday, 12/7, Laura Moriarty joins us live on Poet as Radio and will read from/discuss her recent collection, Who That Divines (Nightboat Books). Tune in at 11:30am-12:30pm, | SF Community Radio.
Laura Moriarty has taught at Naropa University and Mills College and is now the Deputy Director of Small Press Distribution. Awards include [ … ]

New Mudlark: Jim Daniels

New and On View: Mudlark Poster No. 121 (2014)


by Jim Daniels

String, January, Pittsburgh | Solstice With Raspberry
Daffodils | Lament In Early March | Middle Ages

Jim Daniels’ fourteenth book of poems, Birth Marks, was published by BOA Editions in 2013. It was selected as a Michigan Notable Book, won the Milton Kessler Poetry Book Award, [ … ]

New: Letters To Dead Masters, Around The Grain, etc

New on Youblisher, bold-formatted for easy reading: the epistolary novel Letters To Dead Masters and philosophy tome Around the Grain.

New on Open Library: Early Books: Expanded Editions, with prefaces, critical commentary from Jeffrey Side, Steve Halle, and more.

Adam Fieled [ … ]

James Weldon Johnson recordings

Okay, exciting news. PennSound’s new James Weldon Johnson page. Yes, hear the recorded voice of James Weldon Johnson. This is possible because Chris Mustazza did the sleuthing, the research, the digitizing, the editorial pondering, and because our friends at Columbia University’s archive were helpful, and because the James Weldon Johnson estate wanted the recordings made [ … ]

Tuesday poem #86 : Mercedes Eng

Tuesday poem #86 : Mercedes Eng : my anti/gentrification sampler

coming up: Jean Donnelly, Pearl Pirie + Valerie Coulton,

also: Touch the Donkey supplement #14: six questions for Roland Prevost

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new from above/ground press: Betts, Christie, Pirie + Babineau,

Who Let the Mice in Brion Gysin
Gregory Betts
See link here for more information

Cursed Objects
Jason Christie
See link here for more information

today’s woods
Pearl Pirie
See link here for more information

Kemeny Babineau
See link here for more information

keep an eye on the above/ground press blog for [ … ]